The Genealogy Interview and Three Ingredients to Success

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genealogy interview success

One of the most rewarding types of ancestry and family tree research is conducting the genealogy interview. If you haven’t added this to your task list, you’re missing out. You’re also in for some really nice surprises! These 3 tips below, will help make this experience a total success. Choosing Who To Interview Elderly relatives are a frequent and the … Read More

Google – Your Genealogy Guru

Christine WoodcockGenealogy Blog

google for geneaology

I love Google. It’s simple, efficient, opens a world of knowledge and makes me feel smart just through its simplicity and ease of use. But did you know that Google is one of the best resources for genealogists? Reading a census and not sure exactly what your ancestor did for a living? Google it Reading a death registration and not … Read More

Preparing for a Genealogy Road Trip

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genealogy road trip

If you are planning to head to the state or provincial archives to do research on your ancestors, it is important to plan ahead so that you will have the best chance of success while onsite. Create a research plan: Before you go, take a look at the documents that you already have. This will prevent you spending time duplicating … Read More

Newspapers: Our National Treasure

Kim HanksGenealogy Blog

newspaper stack

Our first amendment right gives us such treasures in the newspapers: from the past and those of today! Genealogists can enjoy the benefits of hours of researching in actual original newspapers, microfilm, online, local genealogy libraries, or personal collections. Newspapers are a good source of pictures. I found a picture of a relative (d 1902) with a news article about … Read More

The Learning Curve – Learn about Genealogy

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learning about your ancestry family

One of the best things about genealogy is the many opportunities to learn. Workshops, magazines, blogs, conferences and even Facebook pages/groups. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned researcher or a professional, there are always learning opportunities available. If you are looking for webinars, Legacy Family Tree has a listing here: Family Tree University has a listing here: FamilySearch … Read More

Researching Ancestry on the Periphery

Christine WoodcockGenealogy Blog

researching ancestors periphery

Do you remember this song from Sesame Street? “Who are the people in your neighbourhood…. They’re the people that you meet When you’re walking down the street They’re the people that you meet each day” Well, that’s important information to know about your ancestors too. Who were the people in their neighbourhood? Examining the connections to your ancestors, whether cousins, … Read More

Family Reunion – Finding Artifacts from the Past

Kim HanksGenealogy Blog

family reunions genealogy

Summer is family reunion time and it was for our ancestors too. What records and artifacts might our ancestors have left for us to find? Photographs: The most obvious and prevalent artifact left for us are photographs. If your family is like mine, it’s possible that you have found photographs with groups of people in them, but the quality is … Read More

It’s Elementary, Dear Watson

Christine WoodcockGenealogy Blog

sherlock holmes research

Part of the joy of genealogy  research is the thrill of the hunt. We tune into, hone and cultivate our inner detective. Let’s look at what skills are REALLY needed to be able to be successful as a genealogist. Know where to find information Both online and offline databases are fantastic resources. FamilySearch, Ancestry, Findmypast are rich repositories of digitized … Read More

3 Biggest Mistakes of New Genealogists

Kim HanksGenealogy Blog

mistakes new genealogists

You’ve been bitten by the genealogy bug, so what do you do?  Go genealogy NUTS!! Maybe I’m the only one, but I remember it well. The first thing I did once I got into genealogy research was, well, research. I didn’t go online and listen to Dear Myrtle or read blogs like the Genealogy Do-Over. If I had, I might … Read More

Five Steps to Prepare for a Genealogy Visit with Family

Kim HanksGenealogy Blog

genealogy visit family

Finally! I am taking a genealogy road trip to meet with my husband’s aunts and uncles. Four of them live 3-4 hours away, and in genealogy miles, that isn’t too far. I’ve been anxious to get on the road to see what they all know about their family history. I used these 5 steps to prepare for this genealogy road … Read More