Tidbits: Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Record

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Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Genealogical Record, 2nd edition.  Updated 2017 Something that happens often is that while researching your family tree you find yourself looking at the image records over and over again. That’s something that I do frequently. They are just plain interesting to review, and So Often I eventually discover a hidden nugget of information that I wasn’t … Read More

The Learning Curve – Learn about Genealogy

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One of the best things about genealogy is the many opportunities to learn. Workshops, magazines, blogs, conferences and even Facebook pages/groups. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned researcher or a professional, there are always learning opportunities available. If you are looking for webinars, Legacy Family Tree has a listing here:http://familytreewebinars.com/upcoming-webinars.php Family Tree University has a listing here:  https://www.shopfamilytree.com/more-resources/genealogy-video-courses/expert-webinars FamilySearch … Read More

Place Them On The Map

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Old maps are a fantastic resource for giving you a feel for the community that your ancestors lived in. You can see how rural or urban the area was, how large or small the village, what factories, mills, mines, schools, institutions, or other landmarks were in the area. You can see whether the area was mountainous or open field, whether … Read More

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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I love old newspapers. I love the weathered look of them and most of all the smell of the old ink. I have said before, it is better than new car smell. Newspapers are a treasure trove of genealogical information too. We can gain so much information about our ancestors by consulting a local newspaper. Newspapers are a great resource … Read More

The Less-Common Name

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by David Haas, Geneosity.com Chances are that you have dealt with this genealogy research challenge before, or eventually will. You’re looking up a John, Mary, Michael, or Ann with some relatively common surname, and to your surprise there are over 400 or even over a thousand people with the name you’re looking up. Before you spend hours combing through hundreds … Read More

Where Will I Find Certain Information?

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Genealogy How To: It can make the task of building your family tree much easier if you know where to find certain specific information. We have compiled a list of places where you should be able to locate specific pieces of genealogical information on an ancestor.

Online Genealogy Resources

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Geneosity.com is an online resource for the genealogy or family history enthusiast.  Here you’ll find a guide of the most useful websites and methods of locating the information that you seek.   Each resource will assist in facilitating your family tree projects effectively. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of potential sources from which you can investigate the genealogy of … Read More