Tidbits: Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Record

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Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Genealogical Record, 2nd edition.  Updated 2017 Something that happens often is that while researching your family tree you find yourself looking at the image records over and over again. That’s something that I do frequently. They are just plain interesting to review, and So Often I eventually discover a hidden nugget of information that I wasn’t … Read More

How to Preserve Old Documents, Photographs and Files?

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One of the most asked questions on genealogy blogs and in Facebook genealogy groups is how to preserve old genealogy documents, papers, photographs, and digital files. WHEW! Big questions and no easy answer. Preservation vs Conversation These two terms are used sometimes interchangeably, but really have different meanings. Preservation activities are those that help to prolong the life of a genealogy … Read More

Charter Members of Chicago Local 74 in 1901

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Below is an image of the charter for the Wood and Wire Metal Lather’s International Union in Chicago, Illinois from 1901. This photo courtesy of Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters and Lathers local 74. The charter members of this union were named as: William Hall, John Haas, Nick Haas, Roy Hughes, William Hughes, A.H. Olson, Gus Olson, William Olson, Matt … Read More

Build Your Family Tree Without Spending a Fortune

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A frequent complaint in genealogy research is “I would love to learn about my family tree but I can’t afford professional help or the fees all these websites charge”.     The amount of money you can spend is inversely proportional to the combined volume of time you’re able to spend doing it AND how resourceful you are.   Money and time must … Read More

Shoot ‘Em Up

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Do you own any old pictures that were taken of famous people, taken at historic events, or snapshots of groups or individuals being honored for something special? Please forward scans or other electronic copies. A clear digital photo of the old documents works nicely too. The Shoot ‘Em Up project also aims to collect and exhibit the names of those … Read More