family connection

Do You Feel the Connection?

Genealogy is about connecting. I personally have a pretty low need to affiliate. Don’t quite understand the tears and hugs after a week long event … Read more

ancestors immigration merchant ship

They’re Coming to America

Prior to the 1800s, any of our ancestors who came from Europe or the UK, came on Merchant ships. These ships were purpose-built and specially … Read more

family treasure

From Family Tree to Family Treasure

Now that we have those research documents, bits of scrap paper, newspaper clippings, photos, obits, e-mails and other assorted bits of “research”, how do we … Read more

facebook family ancestry sites

Using Facebook for Genealogy

If you have a Facebook account, you can turn it into a genealogy resource. In order to create a Facebook account. You can sign up … Read more

family brick wall

Will You Be Your Family’s Brick Wall?

Avid genealogists share whatever information they have – whether on their family or on someone else’s. Wonderful tips and suggestions pour over our computer screens … Read more

funeral home records genealogy research

Using Funeral Home Records for Genealogy

Once you have found the obituary for your ancestor’s death, take note of the name of the funeral home that handled the arrangements. Then, contact … Read more

scottish naming

Who’s Your Father, Then?

If you are researching your Scottish ancestry, you may have noticed as you read through the various records that there is a repetition of given … Read more

old city map

Place Them On The Map

Old maps are a fantastic resource for giving you a feel for the community that your ancestors lived in. You can see how rural or … Read more

old newspaper archives

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

I love old newspapers. I love the weathered look of them and most of all the smell of the old ink. I have said before, … Read more

Geneosity Challenge: Who Was Her Now Famous Neighbor?

On this quiet street in southern California during the early 1930’s lived the Sugarman family.   The family relocated here from Nebraska and had three children.  … Read more

Is cousin marriage legal?

Attracted To Your Cousin? Is Cousin Marriage In Your Area Legal?

When it comes to the topic of “kissing cousins”,  there’s never a shortage of lively discussion. Either you’re against it or you don’t care.  There … Read more

recorded voice of alexander graham bell

Eerie or Amazing? The Recorded Voice of Alexander Graham Bell And Others

How long might a recording of your voice survive?  Photographs from 1885 are relatively easy to find online, but a recorded voice is something extraordinary. … Read more