how to read family photos handwriting

How to Read Handwriting on Old Photos

Tips for Reading Inscriptions on the Back of Those Old Family Photos  I’m always having trouble reading the backs of old photos. That is if … Read more

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Collection Information and Files

Reading through records can become overwhelming. I have gone through newspapers for days at a time trying to find someone and not being sure if … Read more

Boxes and Boxes of Old Family Photos

How to get started organizing and documenting old family photos The first thing I started doing is scan all the photos. I was so worried … Read more

In Search of Lieutenant Walter

I love old things, and the military stuff is very intriguing to me as well. I had this old little envelope that I found in … Read more

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Researching World War II Soldiers: Veteran Award List – Part 2

I have learned over the years to be sure and walk away sometimes! Taking breaks from the search will help you focus better when you … Read more

How to Research WWII Soldiers: Veteran Award List – Part 1

The vast majority of people have family that served in World War II.  In this two part series, I go over the World War II … Read more

Searching Tough Names

Those Hard Names to Find Names get misspelled and change over time. This can become so frustrating when you want everything to come out perfect. … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 3

Using the Letters to Fill in Information I know many would not want to read the letters, but this has been so great for me! … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 2

Learning More About My Mother from Army Letters I have learned so much about my mother in these letters. They cover five years and I … Read more

Love Letters Home – Part 1

Army Letters to his Sweetheart Part 1 This weeks endeavor? Reading through several years of old letters that my father sent home to my mother. … Read more

Old Family Bibles

Don’t Forget the Family Bibles The old Bibles could be one of your most import resources. There could be all types of notes inside, along … Read more

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The Search

That Little Store Still Intrigues Me Wow, I’m still reading about that little store of Trice and Altman! The Library of Congress is an amazing … Read more