genealogy heroes archivists librarians

The Unsung Genealogy Heroes

Last month, we learned of the Genealogy Rock Stars. This is an annual event hosted by blogger John Reid of Anglo-Celtic Connections. This year, the … Read more

who family tree

Who Gets Included in the Family Tree?

There has been some interesting discussion in Genea-land lately about who to include in family trees. Certainly for those with UK or European ancestry, it … Read more

taphophilia cemetery stones

Taphophila is a Grave Business

As my kids know only too well, I am a bit of a “taphophile”. Taphophile: someone with a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. Taphophilia … Read more

scottish clans what is my clan

I’m Not Sure What My Clan Is

Having spent several weekends at highland games this summer, assisting people with their Scottish genealogy research, likely the most common comment I heard was,  “I’m … Read more

google for geneaology

Google – Your Genealogy Guru

I love Google. It’s simple, efficient, opens a world of knowledge and makes me feel smart just through its simplicity and ease of use. But … Read more

family research archives online

Why ISN’T Everything Online?

We so often hear “not everything is online” And that is very true. Likely less than five  percent of all of the archival documents available … Read more

family tree software

Why It’s Important to Use Desktop Family Tree SOFTWARE

Big name databases have all encouraged us to create our family trees online. And while this is fine, it is also limiting. You still need … Read more

genealogy road trip

Preparing for a Genealogy Road Trip

If you are planning to head to the state or provincial archives to do research on your ancestors, it is important to plan ahead so … Read more

learning about your ancestry family

The Learning Curve – Learn about Genealogy

One of the best things about genealogy is the many opportunities to learn. Workshops, magazines, blogs, conferences and even Facebook pages/groups. Whether you are a … Read more

researching ancestors periphery

Researching Ancestry on the Periphery

Do you remember this song from Sesame Street? “Who are the people in your neighbourhood…. They’re the people that you meet When you’re walking down … Read more

scottish surnames

Scottish Surnames and Spelling

It is important to note that spelling was not consistent until dictionaries made it standard in the 1800s. Until this time, spelling was quite fluid … Read more

canadian genealogy sources

Canadian Sources, Eh?

If your ancestors originate from the British Isles, and came to north America after the Revolutionary war, it was easier for them to immigrate through … Read more

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