Tidbits: Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Record

registration card

Don’t Neglect The Neighboring Genealogical Record, 2nd edition.  Updated 2017

Something that happens often is that while researching your family tree you find yourself looking at the image records over and over again. That’s something that I do frequently. They are just plain interesting to review, and So Often I eventually discover a hidden nugget of information that I wasn’t originally looking for!  I prefer to review the original record when it’s not too inconvenient. Original image records are one of the greatest things brought to the internet for genealogy research. Things that can be seen with your own eyes are the handwritten records of the census, voter registrations, draft cards, passport applications and more.

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Citing a Genealogy Source

citing source genealogy

Now that you know the importance of documenting where you’ve gotten the information used in your family tree, let’s take a look at what goes into a properly-cited source. If you’re using an online service like FamilySearch or Ancestry, your work is mostly done for you as you can attach source documents directly to an … Read more

Scottish Emigration Schemes

scottish emigration

Following the Highland Clearances, many of these families took advantage of emigration schemes which saw them transported to Canada, the Colonies of America and Australia. Young Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk was instrumental in assisting many of these displaced highlanders in obtaining land in Canada. Douglas first became aware of these displaced families when he … Read more

What About Ancestry DNA Tests?

should you get ancestry dna?

I think everyone in the genealogy community has wondered about ancestry DNA tests. Should you get one? Do they help? How accurate is DNA testing for genealogy? Can the DNA test tell us exactly where we came from? Can it help us trace back accurately through generations to every single line of descent? There are … Read more