Military Headstones

Military Headstones Can Provide Excellent Information For Genealogy Research

Who is Eligible for a Government-Issued Headstone? Upon request and at no charge to the applicant, The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supplies … Read more

getting to know our ancestors

Getting To Know Our Ancestors

There Can Be Clues Hiding In Those Papers Researching a family tree can lead to a huge collection of papers and things. A second or … Read more

tradition of bringing home the dead from American Wars

The Tradition of Bringing Home America’s War Dead

Some interesting facts about the tradition in our country of bringing home the dead during American wars.   Civil War The American Civil War had over … Read more

individual deceased personnel file for family research military

The Genealogical Importance of an Individual Deceased Personnel File

Finding information about family members in the military when records were lost or destroyed. Sadly, many of us, me included, have ancestors that were killed … Read more

teaching children genealogy

The Importance of Teaching Our Children Their Genealogy and Family History

I have been interested in my family tree for as long as I can remember.  I always loved listening to everyone’s stories, trying to store … Read more

digitizing family research

The Importance of Digitizing Family Research

Family tree research leads to acquiring a lot of things.   Things like photos, letters, wills, and jewelry.  It can be a little overwhelming trying to … Read more

Finding Old Properties using Google Earth

Using Google Earth to Find Old Properties

My Grandfather and a few tips…Using Google Earth I can remember the last time I sat in his lap and he held me telling me … Read more

Using Obituaries for Genealogy Research

Using Obituaries for Genealogy Research

Obits provide all kinds of information! They provide a great deal of information, either from newspapers or funeral homes. And in the second case here … Read more

backgrounds in photos help you find dates and places

Background Items Help Find Places and Dates

The background tells a great story – Items or events in the background of photos can help you determine where and when the photo was … Read more

Information about photographers can help you date photos

Dating Photos using Photographers

How to Date Photos Using the Photographers This can at least give a general date or time period for the photo. Also it helps when … Read more

Using surname migration tool to find family

Surname Migration Research

Migration Help on Surnames Can Help you Break Through Some Brick Walls  If you have never been to this page of, this is worth … Read more

old antique cabinet card photo restoration

Why and How to Save Old Photos

Some Tips for Saving Your Old Photos Did you know?  Instead of putting those old family photos on display on the wall.  You really need … Read more